Prom Night.

I don't have many people my age that I can talk to.
I guess that's mostly the reason I'm here on EP.
I work with children under the age of five, which is amazing, but I miss having friends.
I do have a boyfriend, who is amazing, but we're in a long-distance relationship and now that my phone is broken, I never get to talk to him.
Well, we were chatting on facebook the other day, and he asked me if it would be okay with me for him to take another girl to his prom. I mean, I can't go with him, and it's the other exchange student at his school who has a boyfriend back home, and I can trust him completely, but this is tearing me up.
I'm so angry because I would kill to dance with him, and she gets to see him every day and on top of that, she gets to be held by him and dance with him. He's never danced with me.
I'm so lonely. I hate just imagining another girl having fun in his arms.
I don't even have male friends that would want to dance with me because I haven't got any friends. I am so alone, and he just reminded me of how alone I am. I just want to be close to him. I want him to want to be close to me.
I'm so upset about this, and I know he just want to go and have fun and experience an american dance and whatever, I just feel so lonely and I hate him for not being as alone as I am, which is wrong and I know it, but I hate that he is taking another girl to his prom instead of me.
It just hurts.
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I am in the exact same situation u r in I don't really want him to slow dance with another girl but Ik he just wants to go and have fun but I'm scared that he might doing something more with her...

Hey, my boyfriend lives in Canada and i live in England. His prom is may 29th and we always said we would make it over for each others proms, mine isn't for another two years but his falls right in the middle of my GCSEs anyway he wants to take this girl who i know but its horrible thinking of him dancing with her and not me. Just think he will be yours in the long run and I'm sure he loves you no matter what

I completely understand what you mean and what you are feeling now.
I'm in a LDR too and my boyfriend lives 7000km far away from me and I'm willing to do anything just to stay with him even for a second.
But I think you have to tell him what you feel,that you are jealous of this girl even though he will just take her to the prom. Me and my boyfriend don't go out with friends anymore because it may hurt the other, it sucks a bit because all my friends have fun between them and they also have boyfriend and girlfriend here.. but I just stay home and talk to him and I'm fine. Well fine is something not completely true when you are in a ldr.
Talk to him and try to see what he says and if you want someone to talk to just send me an email or something, i'll be here :) let me know and hope you are doing well :)

Thank you so much! I'd love to talk to you some time.

Sure :) just send me a message here or add me :) I'll be here :)

Hey, it's not letting me add you... could you add me?

done :) also sent you a message..

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