Breaking The Distance Next Sunday

I honestly don't know where else to go with this and I am freaking out now that I realize how close she is to really getting here...My girlfriend and I met two years ago through a friend as rpers (roleplayers) We started a relationship six months prior to our friendship and have been dating for a year and a half. Now, we had spoken many times about going to visit each other and it's officially becoming a reality as she has been accepted into a work and travel program from her country to get to mine. She lives approximately 4,047 miles away from me and as of the 16th we will have no distance between us...At least not for the first three days she's here then she'll be about two hours away. Anyway!

This will be our first meeting and I am extremely nervous. My gut tells me everything will be fine but everything else in me except my heart tells me that she'll be so uncomfortable...that everything is going to change for the worse. I am just so nervous...I believe we'll be fine because the two of us have been through a lot together and this is something we've been waiting for, for a long time...But I can't help in overthinking.

It's finally happening...I'll have my beautiful woman in my arms...I just can't end my nerves...Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Give me advice? Anything?
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Woow that is a long time together without meeting! my boyfriend only lives an hour away and i met him while he was in university in Cardiff and were friends for 6months before we started dating... You will both be extremely nervous but relax honestly if you both have worked out with being soo far away from each other you will make it work while she is 2hours away, You wont be struggling at all youll be able to see each other alot! Think positive i am sure you will both be fine and everything will turn out amazing for you both... Best of luck and just stay calm be yourself

Thank you so much. I have no doubt we'll be able to see a lot of each other which is great. We have time to make up for xD

When I first met my girlfriend we had only been together for three months, so a little difference there. But when I first started talking about goingt o meet her for the first time it was just a fun idea. I started to save some money and began to realize that it would happen sooner than later. I know there was no way for be to back out of this, I was in too deep by then. I had bought the tickets and within two months i was sitting on that train. It didnt hit me at first, but once i boarded my second train (4 hours away from her) I began to get soo nervous. I was scared that she would be disappointed with me, how i looked or whatever. I was thinking what do I do if hse doesnt like me. My mind and heart began to battle.. But the second I saw her, and hugged her everything changed. I wasnt nervous anymore, just hapy to be with her. I still had a little bit of me telling me she might not like me still or something like that. But that night after we ate dinner, she kissed me, After that kiss and that first night together, I knew.
And I am sure that since the two of you have been together for so long that you two have nothing to worry about. The thing about it is there is a huge difference between long distance and being in person together. And if you two really love each other then those things that could be annoying to each other will not even matter. I never took a second for granted when I was with her. I realized that i loved every little weird thing about her. Things that i hadnt even notice before being in person with her. Trust me, things will be alright! Id give anything to be able to live with my girl now. I miss her everyday, And yes I get to see her on skype and we talk constantly but once you are with someone in person, It seems like nothing can match that anymore. Like talking and skyping is just not enough. I hope I helped a little at least.

You did, really. My mind has been running with the kind of irrational fears like what if she doesn't like me after seeing me? Or what if I disappoint her? But she seems so confident, I know she's nervous deep down, but knowing my Banana, she doesn't get confident unless she really believes in something.

I have this gut feeling that everything will go better than we realize and I trust it. I guess I'm just nervous about seeing her walk toward me, ready to spend her first three days with me. Of all people she's doing this for me...

Yes, there is a huge difference, I know. But with her nothing would really change. It'll be hard but it wasn't easy to begin with. We've been talking through skype nearly every day for 2 years and while we can't be together when she's here sometimes, we'll still talk. See, she and I are a bit odd. We rp on facebook. It's a little game we do with our own characters that kinda become part of what we do while being thousands of miles apart. It's what makes us feel closer. And while it's going to be different after having her with me, it won't be too hard. As we're planning to visit each other at least once a year. I've been saving since our anniversary; around the time I got the job and I'll be heading over there for two weeks. Then she'll be back around in December, this time in my city.

You're right that if you love someone, their little quirks won't bother you. In fact as annoying as they may be you may find yourself missing them or even finding them adorable. Distance can be difficult but the only thing that really defines if it lasts is if you let it be what destroys you when you miss the physical.

There will always be ways to work it out. Always. Thank you for the advice and telling me what it was like for you. It means a lot and really does calm my fears. I hope all is well with your girlfriend and that you guys stay strong.