I Hope It Last...

My boyfriend lives in Haiti and I live in the U.S., I try to stay as faithful as I can. Even when my ex-boyfriend had ask me to hangout with him, I declined, out of respect for my boyfriend. I don't think he's being unfaithful because, we're honest with each other about if someone of the opposite sex flirts with us or something, which makes the relationship easier since there isn't really much secrets. But, sometimes I have this doubt in my mind if this is really going to work because, Haiti is a poor country and, I know he won't have enough money to visit me anytime soon. But, since I'm working I'm saving up money so that I can see him. I take out money out of every paycheck to save up for this trip to Haiti. We haven't been dating for that long, just a few months but, I just don't know how this is going to work out. If we get serious enough, that means bringing him over here the U.S. and, I wouldn't want him to use me just to come over here. I don't want to break up with him because, I really like him a lot but, sometimes I think it would be easier if I were dating someone in the states.
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i thought the same thing before. your not alone. my boyfriend currently lives in honduras and i love him and have decided to wait for him, but i know its a long journey before i see him again. i either have to save up to go visit him or get the money to get him back here and either way its gonna be really hard seeing that i dont make alot as is.

Yeah, I want to take the money I have and put it towards a car or something else I really need but, I have this burning desire to save up money so, I can see him again. I really hope we make it until I'm able to go to Haiti, which might be June or July 2013.