Finally Have A Countdown!

My boyfriend and I finally have a countdown for when we'll get to see each other in person again! I'm in the military and stationed over 4,000 miles from home. By the time I go home, I would have been gone almost 10 months! He was originally going to come up here for my birthday this month, but he got a new job and isn't allowed to use vacation days from Halloween until New Years (he's a manager.) He thought of coming up here in January but I really want to go home to see everyone and to enjoy all the fun things that are home.

I officially put in for leave and have 107 days until it gets here! That is a little far out but a lot shorter than my "hopefully I'll come home in the spring" saying that I've been saying since I got here.

I'm really excited to have a countdown until I get to see my love again! I'll be home for at least 2 weeks! We want to take a mini trip and go somewhere for a couple of days and he's going to take some time off while I'm home.

I'm hoping the time will pass quickly and I have some projects/goals to keep me busy in the meantime :)
HeavenlyLove12 HeavenlyLove12
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Oh that is good dear..I better know that what exactly happens in long distance relationship. It is really hard for both of them. There is a need of believe and faith on each other. I am in that so I better know about that. She loves me lots and me too.. Um, now we have been just waiting for good time, the time when we will be together... and that is coming soon.....And now I am happy for you..So just keep the hope and I wish that you'll have better hook up with him.....Good day and god bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!