No Matter How Far She Is, I Love Her More Than Anything else.

So, it's pretty hard to do this, but as long as you loving someonne nothing is impossible.She is with me, but she is not if you know what I mean. She is so amazing. I went to visit her and when I saw her first time I was so nervous I moved a step closer to her and i hugged her and that was the moment when I knew that I want to be with her forever <3 ... Every touch, every kiss.. she is perfect for me :) .. I love when she is looking at me.. she is giving me tha sexy look ya know <3 ... and her lips are so sweet i could kiss them all the time..... now I been with her for 1 year 1 month and 19 days and you know what? She is the best what could happen in my life <3 !
ladynikki3 ladynikki3
Dec 10, 2012