Tomorrow is going to be the highlight of my year/life. See, two years ago I met someone who was going through a lot and I, myself was going through a lot. Times were tough. People couldn't see behind the fake smiles. But we got through it together, that someone and I. We bonded over our hardships and in the end gained a friendship we probably weren't expecting to have. Months passed and feelings developed. Mainly mine, at first. My friend was a bit nervous to really admit anything. Ha! I remember when she found out and what she told me.

I generally took this as an "I'm not interested." and was ready to let it go. Then out of nowhere she told me she had something she wanted to say. Hesitating, as anyone with a crush would, admitted she felt the same. But we didn't jump into anything right away. It took another month before we became more than friends. And she likes to say I pushed her into it. I say...I gave her a gentle nudge xD

Then on July 20th, 2011 it became official. We were a couple and our lives, you could say, changed for the better. But there was one problem. This girl lived 4,047 miles away. Many people wouldn't take the relationship seriously. Many people put us down. Her family couldn't know for it would cause trouble. This relationship wasn't easy. But after a year went by it became clear we really could do this. We were happy with each other and despite our rough patches always found a way to make it through together.

Now the distance is going away for a while. Tomorrow I meet the girl who has become one of my best friends. Who has brought that spark in my eyes to life and who has continuously made me happier than most people would think possible. Tomorrow I met my beautiful girlfriend who has gone through hell just to get here. Tomorrow...I will tackle her and tell her how much I love her, how glad I am she's here. Tomorrow the one thing I wanted for Christmas will have happened :'3
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My boyfriend also lives in Italy and I'm in London, we have been going out for a year and his ex also sends him messages sometimes... he says he ignores them I'm not worried about her becoming anything more every again she's just irritating. He's home for christmas as we are both as university but its tough my only worry is that he thinks of me as his girlfriend at home and doesnt share any of his Italian life with me. We both also see this as a serious relationship that could go further but every term there are obstacles that sometimes I think I'm young and shouldnt have to deal with yet! Love hurts but is also amazing..... moments together make up for any bad or lost times... enjoy it!