Long Or Short The Love Is There

I have had the best night of my life tonight here, I spent from night to morning talking to the love of my life and By God it feels just ******* fantastic, never ever have I felt this awesome. Me and her are in a long distance relationship and well she is supposed to come to my country next year on december. Skyping made me feel so warm and full of life, never have I got to feel like this,this alive and full of light.

It has been a long run and I won't say that we didn't have our share of conflicts here and there but even with that we never gave up and the love and affection between us just kept on getting stronger and stronger. Hell, we even had some communication gaps which just tore me apart but I never lost my cool and I never gave in to disbelief or hopelessness. What she and i have with each other is what few now get in this godforsaken world now.

I love her very very much and i won't think for a second if i have to just die for her even. We both want to marry each other now and we will have a happy and fulfilling life together, just the two of us and there is nothing in this physical Universe that could stop me from loving her and getting her to spend the rest of her life with me. Distances are a real pain but even they don't matter if you're all in, don't believe in the stereotypes and if she is all you think about then my friend,you are in Love. ^all of the above was a fuuuccking waste of my precious time, long distance is the worst **** ever,never do it ,dont get the same shiiiit i dealt with,i swear on my name, you will be happier getting used to having no one instead of some girl in another country.
Raloxier Raloxier
18-21, M
Dec 31, 2012