LDR Between Asia - Europe (Indonesia - Hungary)

Dear All..

I would like to share about my real story exactly about Long Distance Relationship between Indonesia and Hungary.
First introduce myself, my name is Ferry. I come from Indonesia. I have girlfriend from Hungary since 2011 named Vivien, and on March 2013 will be 2th Years Anniversary.

I love her, and I wanna marry her. I met her first time from game on Facebook : Ameba Pico World. So thank's for Pico b'cuz You make me meet her

1 March 2011 we being in relationship. But first just for fun, and we don't know how it will be so serious as today.
We planned to meet and marry soon, b'cuz we didn't wanna be separated. And anyway she is Christian and I'm a Muslim. But she goes to convert to Islam.

My parents support me, and they said how : GET YOUR DREAM ! YOU ARE STILL YOUNG ! GO MEET HER !
That's gave me more spirit to live this LDR. And I planned to fly on March. Hope this will come true !

We used barter a gift, and it's cool how I get many things from Europe ! And she is happy too to got surprise from Indonesia as Batik and many more.

Here I just wanna tell my story and hope you all pray for me to my planning. I really wanna meet her...
So please, pray for me...

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feynhachu feynhachu
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013