Needed To Vent - No One To Talk To

I have a huge exam tomorrow but I cannot sleep pissed off- and i have no one to vent to.

American College football is a huge deal to my boyfriend, so he told me how people are drooling over Alabama's quarterback's gf - who happens to be the face of the state (Miss Alabama). He said he found her ok/decent, but above average and went on to say how is friend told him that Miss Alabama is (their college's) rank 7 AT THE MOST... they ranked her hotness as a max 7 compared to the students at his school.

Reminder: I am in Canada...

Here is what I thought after I saw Miss Alabam's pic - she is absolutely gorgeous. Drop dead beautiful, amazing face and body. She looked like a strong, confident, independent lady who was just amazing to look at.

I am no special.ESPECIALLY COMPARED TO HER. So why, my darling boyfriend are you telling me about this? Because now I feel insecure.

Thanks for reminding me that your school is known for its sexy girls, or that your town is the hottest girl's town. Or that I am the reacher and you are the settler. Or that "those girls are beautiful but they don't have your personality"... thanks, I am not the beautiful in your eyes.

I know he doesn't MEAN to make me so insecure. But right now, I hope he doesn't visit... but I sure as hell know I am a disappointment if Miss Alabama is "decent". (He knows what I look like obviously).

He loves me, I know it. He tells me all the time. I just don't love me, and things like indirectly causing me to compare myself to a pageant beauty, is not helping my self -confidence..

Just yesterday I told him how he is a sexier version of tom hardy (an actor we both love and agree that he is the most good looking). His response was:
"Aww thanks baby. Do you know who you look like?"
I said "*my name*"
and he says:
"Yes! You look like *my full name*. Something I've never seen before. Like a painting that michaelangelo himself ciuld never paint or sculpt with imagination alone. The most beautiful thing in the milky way. I cant imagine a human or extraterristrial to ever come close to the beauty that your face alone holds. No one that i have ever seen in real life, tv, movies or pictures even comes close"

Now I feel like **** comparing him to tom hardy. And feel like more **** because I know Miss Alabama is way hotter and nice and amazing. And I feel like **** because I know I am one of a kind, but it be cool to get a response saying "you are like a hotter version of so-and-so"

I mean its not for my ego, but i know looks are important to him as is my personality. But i know my face will change and so will my body. And he is so set on looks.... and he reminds me (without knowing) that he lives in a town with the HOTTEST girls. "Will ferrel visits here often, cause the girls here are the hottest, remember?" Thanks babe... thanks.

I love him... but gosh do I hate him right now. Advice would be nice...
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I wouldn't worry so much. He obviously loves you very much. No matter how beautiful a person is there is prob someone better looking out there. Hes w you for a reason. I would just be confident w myself :)