The Story Of Me And Justin ♥

I am finally going to tell the story of how i met my boyfriend Justin on EP. So this happened last May. I had just made an EP from this question i looked up in google, came to this site and i liked it then i made an account. (: Now, i dont know how i found Justins account but i loved his icon because it was a white wolf. I typed on his whiteboard something like " Cute wolf". And he said "aw thanks". We started being friends after that. Like literally this guy and me were best friends, and we would flirt here and there. I really liked him because he made me laugh and his personality was great. I did not need to see him to know that he was a great guy. So 2 weeks later, he did ask me out and i immediatley said yes. Then i guess a week later, he broke up with me for a personal reason. Was really broken up about it then we got back together. Mostly everyone on EP, or mostlky everyone knows when we fight, breakup or get back together. LMFAO! Literally, we have got back together like 7 times. We really love eachother. Distance does not matter when you are in love, when your with that person, you really could not care less. We always broke up for stupid reasons, but we had always realized that we love eachother too much to be apart. I rememnber i left EP, and Justin texted me. I was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend. I answered back , i was so happy because we didnt talk for a month? I told him i had a bf and i could tell he was mad because when Justin's mad, he'll put the word "nice" in every text. But we got through that. So of course i was focused on my bf at the time and when Justin would text me, i wouldn't answer. Hahaha. I thought it was funny because he would text me 3 times until i answered :p

Then my boyfriend Vinny had broken up with me. I was a wreck and guess who was there? Justin was. He was always comforting me and told me everything will be okay. I was glad because i always talked to him about my problems and he would understand. We have good communication with eachother, About 3 weeks later? I got over Vinny and was happy. And Justin asked me out, and i said yes. We had fights between here and there. But it has been 2 months and we are still together. I count it as a year because we started dating in June and went on and off with the relatiobship but i still count it. Hahaha. We are still together and i really am praying that i do not lose him. I have not met him but i know what is in his heart. Oh! And we did call eachother too for the first time, we were so shy but then we were talking endlessly. His voice is so cute (: And i have seen a picture of him, and he is the cutest guy ever. Literally, i want to melt into his eyes. His personality really melted in to his looks. I really love him. He literally is my best friend and my whole life. I feel with out him, im nothing. And we are planning to meet eachother so im so excited with that. We are serious about eachother. And i am ready to put him in the equation. (: So basically thats the story. Im reallly happy with him, we have our moments here and there but we always love eachohter in the end. (:

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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

if u are happy together hold onto each other and never let each other go good luck from silver 47

:) I love you jasmine for ever and always!! :p


I'm glad I have you too !! <333

this is amazing :) kinda feels like me and my girlfriend we met on ep too and we are very much in love :)