Things That Make Me The Happiest And Cry.

My boyfriend was at my house recently, he left yesterday and I was reading our skype conversation from yesterday night when we were in a call and ugh ;-; He lives 132 miles away and it sucks :c ehfugieskdfsnsfd

Mouse: Hey, come back please. I miss you.
Bill~: I really ******* want to. How are you?
Mouse: Not good. Cried after you left and on the bus and people from my school were there and I just fdusvndfkcv
Bill~: Oh god, did they say anything?
Mouse: No, thank ****.
Bill~: I really miss you a lot. I wanna cuddle you. You're really cute.
Mouse: Bill, shut up. I miss you too, cuddles would be good. You are the cutest.
Bill~: Nope
Mouse: Yes.
Bill~: No.
Mouse: Yeesss.
Bill~: Shut up, Maisie.
Mouse: Oh, okay. Fine. I'll go then
Bill~: No.
Bill~: Maisie.
Bill~: Sorry.
Bill~: *cuddle*
Bill~: I love you.
Mouse: I love you too.
Bill~: That makes me incredibly happy
Mouse: Me too, come back please?
Bill~: Soon. I need money first.
Mouse: I hate that I can't visit you.
Bill~: S'the worst.
Mouse: Yeah
Bill~: Hey Maisie, stop living far away please.
Mouse: Okay.
Bill~: Good.
Mouse: Very.
Bill~: You're not here yet.
Mouse: Sorry.
Bill~: I love you. Ah man, you're so ******* cute.
Mouse: I love you too. Shush.
Bill~: No.
Mouse: Ugh.
Bill~: <3
Mouse: <33333
Bill~: You're looking sleepy.
Mouse: I am
Bill~: Sleep then?
Mouse: Mmhm.
Bill~: Okay good night, Gorgeous <3
Mouse: Good night, Beautiful Ginger Boy. I love you a lot, like, more than you love me. <3
Bill~: I love you the most ever you flawless little human. <3
Mouseington Mouseington
Jan 9, 2013