Long Distance Can Work

About 5 years ago I got divorced - which was probably a relief to myself and my ex spouse. She was from Philadelphia, we moved over 1,000 miles from Philly and things went south quickly after that.

About a year after we separated I started with online dating websites, as picking up women in bars in your thirties isn't nearly so easy as in your early twenties. After going out on a few dates with women whom I had nothing in common or just didn't care for, I met one that I clicked with immediately. From the minute we met we were almost inseparable.

Only problem was when she made her online profile she hadn't yet moved for her new job (and to get away from an ex of her own) so, while she had lived with in 40 or so miles of me, this move meant she lived over 100 miles away.

We are still together, currently engaged, and I'm attempting to slowly relocate as she has children and I do not. I know many of the stories here deal with distances far greater than mine, but I still think its worth sharing to give others of you hope.
Shayger Shayger
31-35, M
Jan 10, 2013