Boyfriend Left Me For His Career.

It all started a year ago. We met and he was absolutely perfect. He loved me more than anything else and I trully fell for him too. Were both sixteen and went to thesame school. he would walk me to my classes and every single day we would be together no matter what. We were unseperable...
And then things began to change. He slowly stopped caring as much. The more he stopped caring, the deaper I was falling in love with him. He resently attended a modeling convention and ended up getting signed. He is moving 750 miles away to pursue his modeling career. I feel speechless. I feel as if I can not move my body. Im numb, lightheaded, heartbroken, and upset. This guy that I have loved is now leaving. What is school going to be like for me? How am I going to survive not knowing when our next kiss or hug will be? I feel like Im gonna faint. It hurts so much and my heart literally aches. He was my first love, my best friend, my everything.
The worst part is that he doesnt even seem to care. He is so obsessed with the fact that he is moving to New York to model. He doesnt have thesame feelings anymore. I feel like I am going to die. I need help, please. I can not get through this alone and I really dont have anybody else who is close. I havnt been able to eat or sleep.
elibgvarna elibgvarna
Jan 12, 2013