I Worry About Him Too Much.

I worry about him to much. Me and my boyfriend started our long distance relationship six months ago after meeting in a video game we both played. When I say long distance I mean loooong distance, we live on different continents. And as we live so far from each other we Skype a lot, too much it seems. If my boyfriend is around and i'm around I like to be with him, talking, playing video games etc, only he likes his personal space. I am someone who doesn't really understand that, I like to be with people I love whether it is friends or my lover, but sometimes he needs that space. I often mistake his apprehension of being on Skype and often think that something could be wrong. I think he feels that I ask him "are you ok" on the basis that I am not okay, and as the needy **** that i am, i'm actually saying "hey why aren't you on Skype *****" but I actually genuinely worry. As I can't be there for him in person, I don't have the ability to comfort him when he comes home from a crappy day from work, or he falls out with one of his friends, and i feel that he may hide this side of things and that i'm not someone he can depend on, and as his boyfriend I should be. Now I have upset him, i messed up, i have asked him "are you ok" too many times and he snapped, I don't mean to hurt him like this, I am just genuinely making sure he is okay.
I guess I just look forward to the day I can snuggle with him and be there for him, but who knows how long that will be.
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Jan 13, 2013