Miles Away

We've been far from each other for just few a months. But our relationship is very shaky. We barely communicate with each other and now, I can't hide my my fears. I don't know why this is happening. I thought we were okay when I left. Then just few days after, things got out of hand.

This story is just about my side. I don't know his, cause as I've said a while ago, we don't communicate often. I did my best to do so. I always send him a message. After work, even if I am so tired, I still call him. If I have time, I sent him letters through email. But no matter how i tried to communicate with him, I barely get a response and it hurts so much.You are doing your best but it's like he's just throwing it away. I'm the one always asking for time and attention. I was even compared by my friend to a dog. I wanted to talk to him but he does not want to. So I'm left alone. I talk to myself and say "it's okay..things will be alright tomorrow" again and again. I don't even know where and to whom I should ask for help. I really don't know now how I would deal with it. It feels like I'm the only one in this relationship. I feel so alone now. I don't know if I would still fight for this cause maybe at this moment, maybe he's thinking of giving up. If he will ask me,I want to work this one out with him, not just by myself.

If only I could talk to him.....

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:) same

It's tough when the person you love won't, or is unable to give you the attention you need. I know.

Don't give up yet! Your bf might think you are too clingy and desperate. Join a gym or another social event and make him feel left out of your life. I will have more useful advice for you so please like me on facebook and we chat:

I've been in that kind of relationship before and unfortunately for me he broke up with me. No explanation or anything he texted me and said it was over. He blocked me from everything. I know longer have any way to talk to him.......
but its hard being in a one sided relationship.....Don't put all your trust, hope, faith, time in him if he won't do the same back because you'll end up getting hurt. I hope everything works out for the best though!

This is my first real relationship, as much as I can I want to make things work, if only i could know his side. He may not be my first, but he is my first love. The real one.... Maybe I'll just wait for him to be the one to reach out.. as of now, I'm going to focus my attention and time to work. Thanks for you ardvice :)

You're Welcome! You never know he may feel the same way!