What Do I Do ? I'm Depressed, Confused, Mad & Sad .

My first love and i met in high school, we were first friends with benefits.
And now that his in Prison he told me he wants to marry me , i find him
telling me i love you all the time : ) , having plans for us in the future &&
his has also been honest about things he would lie to me before he
was locked up. Everything seemed going great, on the 30th of December he
called me from prison , he told me how much he loved me , missed me
, he threw kisses at me (which was a first) , he told to take real good care,
&& that was the last time i spoke to him he hasn't wrote to me ever since then
Or called me , I'm . . . i really don't know what to think. I really have
no idea why he hasn't wrote to me . I know nothing bad has happen to him
because his sister would have told me . I can't go visit him because he is
5 states away && i don't know what number to call, or if i can even call him.
And if i write to him what do i say ? I need him in my life . His getting out
in a couple of months.

His 20
I'm 18
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Jan 20, 2013