The Challenge

So now my boyfriend and I have finally gotten use to being in a long distance relationship. We have learned to be honest and open with each other and I feel that helps alot.
But as we overcome one obstacle another comes our way and this might be the most difficult one yet. I have started my first year of law school which promises to be a crazy busy year. My boyfriend is also planning on moving to a bigger place which will put him further from me but closer to work.
We are preparing to take this day by day but things are already getting hard. As I have started classes my time has been filled with homework, papers, studying and working my 2 jobs. My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other much. And last weekend we spent most of it asleep cause we are both exhausted.
But I have faith that after 6 years of being together and loving each other through some of the toughest times that we will get through this too.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Good luck! I'm in the same boat except we've only been dating for over a year. I'm in California at school and he's in Illinois.. it's tough because the physical intimacy isn;t there so i find we fight a lot more than we did when we could see each other face to face. Hope your relationship is strengthened by the absence. :)

You can do it....I have faith in you guys!