Third Times A Charm...

My boyfriend of almost 10 months now has visited me across the nation twice. The first time in September, the second we spent Christmas together. Now it's my turn, I'm going all away to Miami, FL to see his city and family and friends. I'm going to visit in March.

I live all away in Oregon.

He's met my family, hasn't really met my friends yet but he will the next time he comes over.

Our plan is we live together after 1-2 years from now and get decent jobs and graduate from school.

I'm excited for life!

I wish everyone happiness I feel now that I've been with my boyfriend, first serious relationship at age 24! I'm one year older than my boyfriend. It's funny because right now we're the same age but next month I'm turning 25 so...I'll be a year older than him again! Haha.

I love him dearly.

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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I got accepted to go to school in Florida next year. If things go well, I might move there. One step at a time, I'm excited for the future, but at the same time must face problems we're facing now. Must be realistic so yeah. Anywho, thanks for the warm wishes and thoughts everyone. It means a lot. Thanks.

I like to hear LDR success stories. May the both of you have continued happiness together!

Still with the bf... things are going pretty good... Yep. Been a little over a year now.