I Need To Know If He Loves Me Like He Says!!!

So, I have been going out with a guy for... Well I guess since Jan.14. But before that we broke up in 2011 June. Then after 6 months without talking I got a friend request from him. My heart raced and I guess from clicking "accept friend request" it started there. We started to chat and he asked me If I would like to get back with him. Of course I said yes!!! But here's the catch..... Ive never met him accept over xbox live and text. I really am inlove and he's always arguing with me how he loves me more, and that he will NEVER brake up with me. He says that I'm his everything but I still am not sure if hes being serious. I'm so inlove with him but idk if he feels the same way. I'm just really hoping we don't brake up... It would kill me...
Kittylovesrainbows Kittylovesrainbows
13-15, F
Jan 23, 2013