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Well.. I need to tell my story because I think that nobody of my friends would understand me because they have never felt like this..
I am in a long distance relationship now for 2 months.I met my boyfriend on a page calls 'Chatroulette'
That day i was really bored so I went online on this webside..after 3 hours just seeing some stupid guys or girls who were naked I saw him..after some hours he added me on skype and we talked to whole night..
He is from algerian so i thought he just want me to come to Germany and to get a good work there..we talked about that subject a lot..after some weeks I started to talk to his mother..and I was really happy that she liked me and that she thinks that i am good for him
I have never felt like this before.. that i can fall in love like this..
I am missing him so much and I can't wait to meet him.
I love every moment we spend together even if its just on webcam..everyday we keep napping..talking for hours.. and when i am sad,he makes me happy.
He is just perfect .. so now the problem.. my parents don't know about our relationship..
Can somebody help me pleeease.. if i can not see him soon i am going to die!
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Hi hon. I've been in your shoes before, and around the same age too. I used to play a lot of online games, so I would meet a lot of people with the same interests. And after befriending them and getting to know the different aspects of their lives, it was hard not to fall in love with people who are so like myself!

If there is one thing I can tell you, hon, is that online AND long distance relationships like this don't work out. You've never met each other, so you don't know how it feels to see each other in person and deal with each other's annoying shenanigans every day.

I'm also in a long distance relationship at the moment, and I know how it feels. It is the hardest thing in the world to deal with. I miss him every day; I always want to hear his voice and see his face and have him right beside me where he belongs, BUT I do know what kind of person he is and how he treats me when he is happy, when he is in a pissy mood, and when we are lounging around at home with nothing to do. My relationship didn't start out as a LDR, which is the only reason why I'm still in it.

Sweetie, it might be true that he has the exact same feelings of infatuation for you that you have for him, but if there is no way to close the distance and meet the real living, breathing him (the one with faults, not the one living in your head), it's not going to work out. You two might talk for hours on skype but be completely incompatible with one another in person, and there is also the problem of you two being so young. You have no education, no steady jobs to fall back on. There is too much risk to continue this relationship. One of you (or both), will eventually become sad, weary, and tired of the longing and give up. And, you've only known this man for 2 months. It's not called love. It's called the 'honeymoon phase' where everything the other person does seems perfect and you're still out to put the best impression of yourself to him.

You might not take my advice now, or even hate me for what I said, but right now, I have your best interests at heart. I've been there and done that. It felt wonderful to have the attentions of someone who seemingly loved everything little thing about you. The heartbreak wretched out my heart and replaced it with a lump of coal, but I got over it.

As always, be safe. If you spend as much time online as you claim you do, your parents probably already know something's up. And if you want to talk with me more about this, you're always welcomed to inbox me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

You'll learn, Lena. You're not the first and definitely not the last to fall for someone thousands of miles away.

But of course, best of luck to you and your boy :)