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the last time i heard from him for like a min was on the 16. i texted him he finally replied. the day before that we spent a few hours talking so i was briefly happy. I did not hear from him today i texted and called but not a single reply. so i am not sure what is going on.
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Maybe there is something going on with him or one of his family members. I got the same thing from the man I was talking too. It got to the point, for me, that I had to let go for my own emotional well being. If we are meant to be and if he is a man of his word then everything will work out. In the mean time, I am finishing my degree, getting my body back in shape, and doing what I need to do to take care of me.

I don't even know anymore

Ok, well hang in there. Whatever he does in the dark eventually comes to the light.

that is true

Indeed. Sitting worrying and wondering about it isn't going to change whatever he may or may not be doing. So, just go about your life and if he texts, I would recommend not replying within 2 minutes, make him wait 15-20 minutes...afterall, you are not at his beck and call. Communication is a two way street and until he starts holding up his end I would distance myself. That is what I have done and I haven't heard from mine since the 13th...Now, I sit and wonder how long it will take him to realize that I haven't said anything.

it will probably take a week. i take it he did not send you anything for valentines day?

No, he didn't. He is taking care of his father who has had a stroke and had congestive heart I wasn't expecting anything.

Apparently my first reply did not go through. What i said was it's understood that he didn't but mine did not have a good reason

Ohhhhh...well I am sorry to hear that. Just hang in there and hopefully you hear from him soon.

well i finally heard from him like for two minutes all he had to say was that he was home and very tired and sorry to have worried me. which i doubt. and then he added by blocking my number it does not make him pick up if he was able to pick up i would be the first person to know :-l

Yeah, blocking the number is just a game. I wouldn't recommend that. Just go about your life and do you. He will come around or not. If he doesn't then at least you aren't sitting there waiting.

i am doing my best to cope but being negelected hurts like all hell. but i am staying strong did not hear from him since he last texted although i am dieing to text him i won't

how are things on your end?

Neglect does hurt. Things on my end are stressful and busy. Finishing up my schooling, my dad has prostate cancer and they keep moving his surgery date, having problems with my sons father, but am still managing to stay sane.

indeed well you will be ok and so will i



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