Long Distance Relationship

I had a HUGE crush on this one guy all through high school.  A year after school we finally got together, then I moved out of the state.  We went on a weekend trip together, then I moved even further away.  Now we're engaged but we're not sure how many months it will be until we can move in together.  I miss him so much!!!  We talk on the phone every day but I'm still completely miserable.  Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do to seem closer?
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Skype is good. it helps so much just being able to see each other, I know distance is hard, but never give up, it is worth it. my love is 9000 miles away, but I see her everyday via skype, and I am constantly messaging her, we never run out of things to say, love is like that, it makes everything worth it. I will see my love within a year, and I cannot wait for that moment, you be excited for your moment as well, and it will come.

I just ended a relationship with the love of my life who was 4 states away. Be happy you two are still together and cherish each moment, take nothing forgranted, and be faithful. I wish you both nothing but good fortune and congrats :)

i totally understand. my bf lives 30 hours away. we skype wen we can. but that is rare seeing we both lead busy lives. but countdowns til holiday visits and texts here and there make it worth while. if you are planning to get married a few years of distances is short compared to a lifetime.

Hi everyone, my name is Alex, I have been in an amazing LDR for a little over a year. I truly believe that he is THE ONE! lol and we have plans to move in together this spring! But anyways, being that this is my very first time experiencing an LDR, I decided to document the experience! and start a blog, where I will be pretty much posting about my experience, and hopefully sharing some of yours. So please, if this sounds like something you'd like to read, follow me on Tumblr, as I blog my way through our fights, our dates, our issues and everything LDR that could possibly happen to us!<br />
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try skyping it makes u feel like ten times better to see them moving and see their face and hear their voice as well

I have had a Long distance relationship for a year now and it's worked out alright. He lives in London and I live in New York. During the first year we did what most couples do. We talked on the phone and spent hours and hours over skype. In the beginning of this year we did something we had talked about. We started a blog together. It's the best thing we have done for our relationship. I get to take part of more of his life at the same time that it is our project together. And maybe by sharing our story about how we work on our long distance, we can encourage other people to hang in there. 1 more year, then I hopefully get to live with the love of my life. Have a look at our blog and see if something similar would work for you http://www.khanwall.com/<br />
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Good luck!!!

http://www.experienceproject.com/member_stories.php?m=-891958834 Please read this! Just hang in there! It will be worth it in the long run! :)

Eight months and counting... Plus there's the whole Pacific Ocean between him and me. And I won't be seeing him till mid-July. Yes loads of Skype calls (think I should buy stock in that company!) every day and regular emails. I'm being strong although I'm a bowl of mush inside after every call. But what keeps us going is knowing that all this is towards getting him someplace really good in his career while I'm stabilising mine. I try not to focus on the 'now' but see how much better we will be in a few months down the road.<br />
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Be strong - it's all good.<br />
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PS...I'm stealing a t-shirt from him when he's here next time.

My bf is currently 2000 miles away from me. We constantly text each other and some nights we even im and webcam. He talk on the phone every now and then (he isn't too crazy about the phone). No matter what we always make sure to say goodnight and we love each other. He is in the New Mexico Army National Guard and has put in for transfer, but we still don't know when we will be together. The best advice I can give to you would be to hold on and if it's meant to be it will happen.

I was in a long distance relationship for 5 months. When we could no longer stand being 1700 miles apart, he moved away to be with me. We've lived together now for 4 months. It has caused all kinds of problems with my family. (Not liking the fact that we are living together, not married.) The adjustments have been very stressful. He had to leave his job there and find work here. Be careful what you wish for.

My BF lives 2000 km far from me, and he is from EU country, which Im not from, so its only him who can visit me, since I have trouble getting the visa. We meet once in 7 weeks or so. We've been like this for two years now, and ite very tough, what helped us is that we made a plan of getting together (I enetered university in his country and applied for students visa), and we talk a lot, also dreaming how things will be when we are together. We send messages on the phone, cards and small gifts with post, listening to the same song at the same time as we talk on skype, tell each other all details of our day. Still, its very very hard, there is not much left to do than to hold on :( in the end, true love always wins, and when you get together, you will appreciate each other sooo much.

10,000+ miles here, damn the ocean....*sigh*<br />
With love, faith and soulmates, anything is possible. :) x

Is that really enough?

I can know it is hard I am 1240 miles from my boyfriend, and we won't see each other till March and I last saw him at the end of October before he went back to Iraq. We talk every night on the phone and we text each other during the day. Stay strong it will all work out!

Your story is SO similar to mine. My bf lives 3 hours away. We started a new thing. We'll meet at IHOP each driving 1 1/2 hours. If we can't spend a weekend together we get pancakes. I can't pass an IHOP without thinking of him~~

I am currently living 6 hours away from my boyfriend, so know how hard it can be. I make sure that I call him every night right before I go to bed, even if I have talked to him earlier that day. It's nice to be able to say goodnight.