Missing Him A Lot

I miss him. I hate when one moment, you're getting all excited and picking out your clothes for the weekend just to see him, and then the next, he's gone. Others in a LDR can understand that. It's almost like a cycle. You get sad when they leave, then you slowly start feeling better as time passes, then you see each other and you become at your most high point. Then they leave again. And it starts all over. Some people say, "well why dont you guys just end it then, if you miss him so much all the time?". Here's the thing, I wouldn't be better off without him in my life. He's the only thing that seems to matter. I need him because I love him. The last moment we had alone together was sitting on my porch with a blanket watching the lightening storm, talking. I want to experience so many more things like that with him. So to all those couples in a long distance relationship, keep fighting.
cityncolourgirl cityncolourgirl
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2 Responses Oct 21, 2013

You're exactly right. The cycle is killer. I feel like the highest highs are always worth the sadness that soon comes after. LDR couples have more trust and love than others and we never take anything for granted!

I have been in long distance relationship as well. Don't care what people think. It really depends on the two of you.If the two of you have believe,trust and have good communication then great for you. Sometimes you can be with someone physically close all the time and yet feel so distant emotionally. Its hard to find someone you can click with or be your best friend. If you find that special one then distance should not be an issue as long as you find a solution to be with each other. Hope all goes well for the two of you...;)