415 Miles

This number goes through my brain constantly....  415 miles.  That's how far away my girlfriend is from me. 

Oddly enough, we lived REALLY close to each other for a good portion of our lives.  With the same interests, we probably even bumped into each other here or there and never even realized it. But for now, she is 415 miles away.

We talk every day, sometimes several times a day.  One the phone, in emails, in pms, whiteboard messages, gifts... just about anything we can do to try to make the distance go away.  "I just wish I could hold you, I just wish I could kiss you," is my hourly mantra.  415 miles...

Simply put, she is amazing.  She's so funny, so beautiful, so caring, so intelligent, so... everything.  And it's not crazy infatuation-  I know she's not perfect, nobody is.  She is however perfect for me, everything I've ever dreamed of and more, and I tell her so every day.  415 miles...

With our work schedules, visits have been laborously impossible.  We were going to meet last week, and then a major emergency (literally, a real one, she works at a hospital) made it impossible for her to come down.  My current lack of transportation means that to get there by bus or train would not only take a half a day, but would also cost far too much money both ways to make the trip plausible right now.  It pains me that I can't go to her, that I have to put all that pressure on her to come to me.  Yesterday she got out early, and I was planning on trying to convince her to be bad, to come down, even for just the day, the night...  and before I could, something happened and she in fact didn't get out early, and made it home even later than normal.  415 miles....

I love her with all my heart, all my spirit. I also know that this distance is only temporary...  with the new year ,she will be "coming home"- back to PA, living in Philadelphia, working here, and we will be together every day.  We will be together for the rest of our lives- a fact that makes both of us incredibly happy.  I couldn't ask for more...  except to ask that it would happen sooner, but really, having waited this long for happiness, I can wait another 60 days.  415 miles....


Edit:  So, yeah... still loving, still waiting... It's not 415 miles anymore... but it's still not here.  It's not 60 days anymore, but the new date is definite, and it's all I think about. 


Another Edit:  Still waiting, still loving... still hoping.  Those sixty days just won't end...  Happy anniversary baby, I love you more than words. 

Final edit:  You know, I've thought about pulling this story down, so many times.  You see.... she wasn't real.  I thought she was, and to her credit she tried to be... but wasn't.  Every time someone replies to this story... it hurts a bit.  But the pain comes from the fact that it wasn't real, not fomer the emotions that I felt themselves... so I guess I;ll leave it up as inspration for others.  Cheers.

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Been going strong for 10 months

Been there done that. & after 20 years life is nothing but perfect

It wasn't real???? :-(...I was reading just hoping that the final edit was "and she's finally here with me" and also wishing someone would yearn this much for me... but it wasn't real ;-( :-(

i dont know whats love anymore....

4000 km here:) Well, now we're living together — she made it possible by changing her whole life for a chance for us — though she's 20 years younger than me.

u got to be kidding me all diz is fake wow man ur good

1000 miles............ and 7 years to meet. what to do???????????????

4000 km, 7 wasted years and 3 lives after:), we're together.

I feel ya. My tag line is 88 miles from heaven, cause that's how far away my love lives....

I really dont get this? You made up the whole post? or she wasnt who you thought she was, but she was a real person you had a relationship with? huh?? :S

I know how you feel that you really want to be with her because thats how we feel, me and my boyfriend really fall in love with each other everyday. His from west and im from east it hurts when reality kick in, when you want to hug and kiss each other. We. Love each other so much and he makes me happy everyday (crying while typing this) my happiness is the most important to him i love him with all of my heart. I was just scared our love ends because of the distance but we keep on hoping and wishing that we will be in each others arms someday :'( <br />
<br />
-a.k.a lydia carlton loving my gonzalo <3

Depressing end I was thinking how your story was proof it could work out until the end :(


It is very satisfying to know that you guys are still going strong! I hope you have some really amazing years ahead! I also think that you could have a look at the post in this blog i bumped into called blog.datedosti.com, its latest post deals with things you can do to make your LDR never run out of steam! Some of the tips given are clever and can turn out to be really helpful! Have a look at it when you get the time, its all for your own good! <br />
Cheers! <br />

Dude...<br />
I know EXACTLY how you feel...I just ended a relationship with a girl that lived 1350 miles away...<br />
<br />
Thing was, after a month of just being *friends, we'd exchanged over 25 *thousand words, so I thought,...I thought she was real. So, I ask her to be my girlfriend for her birthday, she accepts, and...then stopped talking to me, altogether. So, I ended it.

I understand....I am 3000 miles from my gf and yes, it STINKS! BUT, we knew going in and the fact is we make the most of every moment when we are together. Yes there are the endless, IM's, phone calls, Skype (thank God for it!), emails, and when possible, little gifts in the mail. I miss her terribly and there are times when it would be so very nice to have that hug for those rough moments (which seem endless when facing alone) but I remember, we may be separated by distance but not in the mind, heart, and soul. We talk about everything that happens during the day, good and bad. As best as we can - we are there for one another and support each other through our lives. Luckily, she spends 5 months out of the year here locally (gotta love Winter Canadians! love you baby!) so all I can offer in support is that while you may be apart - I remind my beloved that we have more than many people who are together. We cherish each moment, never take one another or times for granted, and when together we enjoy our times to the fullest.

My girlfriend is the prettiest girl on this planet.. She is so beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring and i love her so much.. She is so perfect for me.<br />
She is here in my country, my city these days.. We see each other, talk and spend time regularly.. <br />
But, she says she will have to go back with her family.. Its not 415 Miles... Much much more than that... I don't think i will survive that. <br />
We want to be with each other, but there are other issues.. I don't know what future holds for us.. I don't know.. <br />
<br />
Please pray for us. I love her so much. She is my everything.

Your story is very similar to mine - I also lived very close to my boyfriend for around 12 years, and we met after he had moved 970km away. We started our relationship long distance, against all common sense, and a lot of effort on our part! We have now hit the one-year mark and I am not sure if we will make it much further - I am much more needy than him.<br />
It's really lovely to hear from a guy doing everything to show his love for his girl.

I know the feeling well My girlfriend lives in Canada, and I'm in Colorado, about 1485 miles away. It sucks, but I Love her too much to break up!

I did everything work out? Your post is very touching.

You need a cynic to throw some water on your fire. I was there...those could have been my words to a T (except it was 300 miles, not 415...and for a 4 month stretch 15 years ago). Today we're married with two wonderful boys. But is it bliss? No, far from it. Is she still wonderful in my eyes? Absolutely. The weight of years, life, kids and work stress have taken their toll. I think every day back to the time when I felt just as you do right now. Enjoy it while it lasts...treasure it...memorize it. In 15 years I'll be shocked if you're singing the same tune. (Let's update this thread then)

I am in a distance relationship. <br />
I now have 76 days. = [ <br />
& there is about 600 miles apart. <br />
we even grew up together! <br />
just like you two. <br />
Hope everything works out!

hang in there.... i have my boyfriend in another continent... and i havent seen him since feb...<br />
415 miles is not that bad

wow i know how you feel i have pretty much the same relatonship stll waiting til july so i can see himm a again even know its just for a week. i cant wait!!!!!! at least now i know it can work leaving so far apart never had much doubt with this guy though but you know how things go sometime hope everything turns out well!

If it makes you feel any better, my fiancé is 5470 miles away =(

try 5 months of being 3,000 miles away from each other.. & only being able to write letters to each other.. lol<br />
oh well thats the military for you.

I definetly feel the same about a Marine in Hawaii who I love to death. We are about 5000 miles apart and I miss him more and more everyday. I am so happy for you that you have only days until you are together. Mine will start in 2 and a half years when he is out of the Military and in my arms forever :) Good luck to you both and wish you nothing but happiness.

Your love for each other is a blessing, sodon't let it go. I've been in a long distance relationship for years! He lived in another country...about 14 hours by plane. And we'd see each other in the summer for about 3 months at a time. It was hard but when you find someone you love, you can't let it all go bc of physical distance. If distance were a factor, we would've never gotten married. Stay patient, it will pay off to live with the love of your life.

My husband and I lived about 3000 miles apart for most of our courtship. (Me Texas, him England). When you finally DO get to be together, I think you appreciate everything a bit more.<br />
<br />
Of course, we still get annoyed with each other.. me especially when he leaves his dirty tissues lying around! But it's always in the back of my mind just how hard it was to BE together, and every day, I am grateful that I get to wake up next to him.<br />
<br />
I think having this distance now will only make your relationship stronger. Good luck!

Just move there und be with her...und alle will live happy after

Try being 5 months apart across the ocean with the one you thought you loved letting you go. Be happy for what you have.

That's sad... I usually try to focus on the good side though. I mean, it sounds like she's worth it and loves you too! Now that's what I call luck. And who knows what can happen? Maybe in a while you can work and move where she lives, or she where you live? I totally get the "I just want to hold you" thing though... My boyfriend and I live continents apart so I know how it is. But I'm one to think if there's a will, there's a way, and you sound like you're really going to make this work :)

Ahh... Ive been in your boat! Sailed the same ocean. Altho prolly a lil different model ( version) The miles between us were 516.<br />
<br />
Things have changed for me. There isnt but a few feet difference now. Was a long bumpy road... but we got to where we need to be. Together.<br />
<br />
Keep the faith... and when you feel its just too hard to handle... borrow the saying we always used.. "All in time". <br />
<br />
good luck to both of you. :-) <br />
<br />
PS. Philly is a great place to come "home" to... cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and tastykakes!! ( I know! )

Drumsong- glad to see everything is working out well for you. Just try and remember....she is worth that wait :)

Yeah.... the 60 days looks like it will be longer... but at least it won't be 3 years.... I honestly don't think I could survive that! And yes, she is wonderful.... so much more than I deserve.

60 days seems like nothing<br />
i've got 3 years to wait :(<br />
i hope everything works out.<br />
she sounds great :D

Thank you guys... yeah,I'm incredibly lucky to have such a woman. Even if all her photos are fake, it really doesn't matter to me... course, since they're not, i'm even happier! ::LOL::

Y'know.... you guys are making it really hard for me to want to bust your chops and be cynical. These 60 (58?) days better go fast so I can say things like HAHA he's not as handsome in person is he? You didn't know he touched up his photos. Ahhh, you never noticed her mole before, did you?<br />
<br />
But noooo.... instead I can't do anything but feel your wanting and wish you all the happiness in the world. You are both so beautiful.

You know DS, wolves are very romantic. That's what all the howling is about - romantic wolf verse long distance, by moonlight. So we can relate to the way you and your angel sound out your good vibes for each other. The artifacts Time and Distance are no more for awhile. In time distance will be no more. Be well.

I love listening to the two of you....it makes my heart sing....

Yeah ,she doesn't let it show or anything does she? ::LOL:: I'm so incredibly lucky to have her in my life, literally not an hour goes by that I don't think about her, think about what we have, and thank the universe for it.

415 miles , yes somedays it feels like it might as well be 4150000 miles. I cannot wait to spend forever with this man, kissing him, holding him . And yes doing all the every day simple things. Laundry, cooking, shopping , sitting together and watching movies. We try to at least watch something together once a week , while we are on the phone : ) 60 days baby, 60 days. We can make it !! I love this man more than ANYTHING or ANYONE. I will be counting not just the days but the minutes till I am in his arms . I LOVE YOU baby more than words.

Thank oy. Yes, it's all at once and incredibly long, and incredibly short period of time.... so long to go without that contact, and so short to finish what I must complete to make it happen. Paradox, yet again. And the change is coming... but I'm afraid I might have lost sight of some of my humor in the process.