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I am currently in a long distance relationship, a relationship that started off over the internet one that began as simple chatting but soon began to bloom to something so much more. My girlfriend lives in the North Part of the Philippines and I live in the southern of PH. she and I met in Perfect World Online PH (i know, I know...probably not the best place to meet someone) But how strange that you could find someone so wonderful and fall so deeply in love with a person you hardly know but as the chat time evolves to hours at a time you begin to realize that love knows no distance that feelings can be shared although there is thousands of kilometres seperating you. You go through phases when you wonder why things could be so difficult and why everyday it seems as if another obstacle is in the way, but all this seems so irrelevant when spending that precious time with the person you love. we exchanged phone numbers and began talking on a regular basis. Now, she text me every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. she tells me she loves me and I believe her and I do believe that what i feel for her is love. We have so much in common, it's insane. We have plans to meet soon (hahahaha!! exciting isn't it? XD)

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having a long distance relationship was very hard, both party should try very hard to maintain the relationship become stronger.. I do believe in every situation one must lower her/his pride to understand each other, complement each one.. But I admire the way you handle such situation :)..

I was in a long-distance relationship for about 9 months with a great great girl from my old neighborhood in Buffalo. We were teenagers together then, and briefly were "dating", and then we both moved away. She got married and had two kids, and eventually after 15-17 years later we reconnected (over Facebook.) At the time we reconnected I thought she was in a happy marriage, with the white picket fence and all. It turns out that she was currently getting separated. So our casual talk soon grew into something way way more, and we started talking almost every day... texting each other in the morning, day, and night. After about 4-5 months she flew down to see me and we had what was basically a 4 day honeymoon type of experience together. She went back home to Buffalo, and within about 4 months I went and saw her for a week up there.

We really got caught up in the romance of it really fast. Two childhood sweethearts reconnecting and all.

The problem surfaced however when the reality of me moving up there loomed closer and closer. I was absolutely on board with doing it, but as time went by then the realities of moving came closer and closer, as I had to leave my current job (which I love), leave all my friends and family, and basically leave behind a life I have built up here, as I had to be the one who moved as she has two kids and it would be impossible for her to move.

It dawned on me, and adimittedley I should have thought about this in the beginning, that I am doing all that for us to really just START dating. You can really only get so much of a person over the phone and text messages. I knew that she was a great girl, it's more that you REALLY do have to spend time with someone to REALLY get to know them and make sure your daily habits, moods, and likes and dislikes work in a couple situation. That is a HUGE X factor to learn by dropping my entire life to be find that out, to basically BEGIN to truly date.

Eventually we had to end it, and we both were broken up about it. I regret that we never really would ever get a fair shot to just start dating each other, and I think about her often, but I more think about as it is just the great unknown. I don't know how we would have worked out, seeing as I had to give it all up to be with someone I have really only spent days face-to-face with. If it didn't work out, she would just go back to work on Monday, and I would have to re-uproot my life and move back. I am not SAYING it wouldn't work out, but as I was the one risking everything, I had to become a realist about the situation.

Sad to this day over it, and will never know if I avoided complete happiness or avoided a complete disaster...

I forgot to add there that she wanted to marry me basically by knowing her over the phone and and the 8 days we were together. For a time this was VERY flattering and exciting, but over time it concerned me a bit as that is a little intense for two people that really haven't even dated or been around each other for any amount of time. Now don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to find someone and get married, but I would want to do it right. Date for a time. See each other face to face on a regular basis. Get to know each other really well before getting into any marriage talk.

whats the name of the website ?

Thats why I have Ex bcoz of that! he is 54 and dating a girl of 17 from CEBU. Never ending sending money over! Westener wake up!.. they only want your money! for a better life...you are their PASSPORT out of the Philippines.

I'm at the long distance for 3 yrs now, i meet him online too and after a month he came here in Philippines. He said lets see if its work and we never thought that we will fall in love to each other it's like a magic for us. Now were engage i never thought he will ask me to marry him, i love him so much even he is older than me i can't fine a man like him, he will be here in Philippines next year to marry me..

long distance relationship..

Wow, that is wonderful. I feel so happy for you! I believe too, that love can evolve over the internet. People overly criticise it, but who cares about the 'how'? It happens! And you should try to get as much out of this relationship as you possibly can. I hope that you will meet and have a great experience, together.<br />
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Go for it and take care!