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i don't live very far from my girlfriend but because of my job as a truckdriver i am away from home and travelling all over the U.S. a lot!!! 3 weeks at a time usually sometimes a little longer and then i get 3 days at home. she has been wonderful about putting up with this not all women can deal with a guy who isn't around much but she is a real trooper. we don't get to see each other everytime i'm home either for various reasons sometimes i'm too busy and sometimes she has things she has to do and we sometimes go a couple of months without seeing each other. throw in on top of it that i have never been a great communicator and i'm sure that makes things even harder for her. i'm not a big one for talking on the phone and sometimes i get distracted pretty easily because i will be multi tasking while talking to her and i know that is wrong too i should be setting other things aside when i get a chance to talk to her.....sometimes i wonder why she stays with me....i'm terrible

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rick is a good guy and has been a good friend too.

LOL the check is already in the mail awaress

Jerrica...Thank you. Rick and I will always be friends. He is a great guy and awesome in so many ways. The woman he finds will be a lucky lady.........................Rick you dont have to pay me for that comment. lol

seeing the post from you and awareness choked me up, rick. i'm sorry for both of you that things didn't work out and i wish both of you the very best. it's nice, and different, to see a couple who have split can be on good terms with one another.

i think you were the teacher awaress LOL<br />
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guys i'm going to say this once she is single and she is a hell of a nice person.....if any of guy hurts her i'll hunt him down and beat him to death with his own arms.....after i rip them off

Rick you know I only wish the best for you too. Even though things didnt work for us we both will find it someday. I dont think i ever read this story when we where still together. The comments where right at the time. We had something and that is why it was so easy to wait. You are one hell of guy Rick dont ever forget it. You taught me alot and I appreciate ever minute I got with you. Thank you hun.

i guess i should delete this story since i broke up with her, for personal reasons. none of which were her fault. she is really a sweetheart and she will make some guy very happy someday.

Rick, you got something goin on, or she wouldn't be there waiting when you get back ! Don't be so hard on yourself!

hurt me baby!!!! but don't tell your hubby ok?

I'd kick you...but I'll just pat you on the back instead. There will be!

i think she needs professional help LOL she could certainly do better than me :-) but i'm happy she is settling LOL

Long distant relationships can be very fruitful. From what little I do know of her, she's a very quality and not quantity kind of person. I think a little bit of your undivided attention will go a long way. It will say she's important to you. Even if it's a short phone call. <br />
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I actually thrived in a long distance relationship that became a close one. Because of one doesn't matter if you are apart or together...but that you always make whatever time you have count.<br />
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She's with you because to her, it's worth it. It's worth it even with time and distance. I'd say...she's a really great catch. And she sees something great in you too. Of course she has to in order to have a long distance relationship! : )

usually i'm within 1000 miiles or so but i can be as far away as 2500

How far do you travel from home when driving?

now would be difficult most likely she is sleeping and i am about 1000 miles away LOL

we are both hoping to do something but its not looking good she has a lot to do this time home