Well, Sorta!

My guy, Momo, and I live some miles apart. It's not too terribly far, but I could never just walk to his place or catch a short bus ride there either. =p

But, no matter how far we are, I think that we're close, in our hearts! It's no different to me, though, than being in any other relationship. BUT it's even better in many ways! For the fact that Momo is NICE... which is something new for me. I have never dated a nice guy before... only suckered in dating guys pretending to be nice (but they were real monsters)! Also, I don't have to worry about him jumping on me and trying to rip off my clothes! As I had to fight my way out of that, a few times, last year! :-/

And since we met on EP, I know a lot about him and he knows a lot about me. Most secrets have been bared (no pun intended =p), so that nice to know. Even though our true selves have been shared, we still like each other! :-D

BUT, one day we will meet, I'm sure! And on that day, I will dive into his arms... and most likely the force of my weight and speed will flatten him to the ground! Whoo! Good times! XD

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Feb 12, 2009