Stressed Out to the Max

I have been good friends with someone i have known about four years, and recently we discovered that we both love each other more than friends, so we have just started being a couple jan 13, and i left the country on jan 27, so here we are both saying we would try a ldr, but since i've been away, he has not once said i miss you, i love you nothing, valentines day just went and nothing, how am i supposed to interpret this. We try to chat online everynite but most times after 15 minutes he's tired. I love him dearly and I would like to be in a relationship with him but I would like to know if anyone thinks I might be fooling myself here.

I know he loves me but why can't he express, his feeling to me if we are in a relationship ld  

cristal1 cristal1
Feb 19, 2009