It really bugs me that he rarely texts me and when he does he takes forever to reply and we have super lame conversations. You love me supposedly but no I'm wondering if you really do and if I love you too. Giving me way to much anxiety dude.
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Long distance requires communication, and if he's not making the effort, he's signaling to you that you're not worth it. It's up to you at that point to decide to get off the train to nowhere or not.

I agree and it doesn't get better with age. This just happened to me and we're in our 40's. Waited for 3.5 years so he could finish his crap...only to be dumped when it's time for the move. I will never do long distance again.

The key to distance relationships is communication. If you guys have horrible communication, then it won't work out. And from the way it sounds it doesn't seem he's really into the relationship.