I've been in a long distance relationship for 6 months now, we've been talking for 7. We've never met, we started talking through twitter, and I'm in Wisconsin and he's in Texas. I'm absolutely in love with him, as he is me, but I'm an extremely difficult person. I always feel like I'm pushing him away even though he says I'm not and there's no way I could push him away. I'm only 17 and I've already been cheated on twice so everything is really scary and going into a long distance relationship was risky but I've never clicked with someone so quickly in my entire life. I have really bad nights, like tonight, where everything just really gets to me. I think to much and I get scared. We talk literally every second of everyday. And skype almost every night, but now schools starting up again and we're both gonna be seniors. Both of our classes are pretty difficult and we're gonna have to go from talking all day every day and skyping every night to not skyping every night and barely talking during the day and I cry about it all the time. It frustrates me and scares me because I work as well. So I'll have school, homework, and work. I'm not giving up on the relationship OBVIOUSLY. I see an amazing future with an amazing guy that I love so much. I just needed to vent about how scared I am about pushing him away and school starting back up.
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It's not a LDR it's an online relationship.

Is there distance in between us? Yes.

You've never met him so it's not a "real" relationship no matter how much distance there is.

And who are you to say what a "real" relationship is? It is a real relationship. There was no need for you to comment pointless information on here.

You've posted your story for everyone to comment on, including me.

Yeah but what you're saying is stupid. Lol you are in no position to say what's a real relationship and what isn't. Sorry to break it to you but you don't determine that.

Keep telling yourself that

I will. :) and you can keep thinking that you can march around and tell people if there relationship is real or not. :)

Omg you are so pretty savannah! And it is real. :)

Awh thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)

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If he's the one then there's nothing to be scared about :) he'll just keep coming back every time you 'push him away'

That was actually extremely comforting to hear. Thank you!

Anything to help someone in need!! :)