I don't know if it's going to be a long one but here we go!

So it started when we were playing an Online Game and we chatted along the way, I remembered I was the first one to say something about the game and we somehow get way too personal in less than a week, talking about stuff we would never ever let anyone knew about us. It suprises me a lot on how we get there and still do now lol xD It feels great I admit it. We connect in a lot of different levels, the way we think about stuff, the way we flirt ; Emotionally, Mentally and Physically :)

We exchange Facebook usernames and added each other on our account and get to see the other person. My first impression was OMG! I feel Goosebumps all over and I just can't stop smiling because the person is so real. I mean I wasn't being lied to or cat fished or whatever it was called nowadays.

He actually wanted to see me on Skype but I told him I don't like Video Calls or anything like that because it's awkward and too uncomfortable, and yes I am that shy to someone who speak good English I mean come onnn my first language is not English well that's not the point. lol.... back on track, so we actually did the Video Calling when my Semester Breaks came on May and gosh I never felt so nervous in my whole life because I laugh uncontrollably, hide half my face...I felt relieved it was a really short one and it got me back on my toes. The Wi Fi connection suck a lot at home and yeah that is also one of the reason why I did not want to do VC. After that incident we would get on Skype just to see each other "moving" faces and talk about anything or nothing.

We haven't met yet, that's the thing. :( We would talk mostly by texts. Sending random pictures about anything. But yeah, we are still planning on it. We are trying financially nowadays, but it was mostly my SO job because I am still in college doing my degree. I do have some money but there are a lot of obstacles trying to get to meet each other. We promised to meet after I graduated college which is 2 more years.

Nowadays, I would ask to get on Skype sometime when both of us weren't that busy, him not working me too not that busy with school stuff. Also when the Wi-Fi works super fine lol

Soooo I guess that is how far I can only tell about my LDR story... not that detail because I wanted to left some mystery aside. teehee! Will update more soon maybe in 2 years time.... :)

P.S. I know a lot of people will think being an LDR is just a bunch of BS and will never work. Everybody is right in any way, it is just what they hold on to, what they believe in is different and I respect those opinions.

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Well good luck and hope it works out for you -)

It doesn't but we stay as friend though. Thank you :)