Long Distance Texting Is Annoying

I am in a Long Distance Relationship.. I have known my boyfriend for about 5 years and we have been "together" for about 2 of those years and official for about 5 months.. I love him very very much as he does me too.. but with my past insecurities due to failed relationships before I get really worried about things.. like when he doesn't text me or call me.. it just makes me think that he is mad at me or something is wrong.. which I know is dumb.. he tells me not to worry all the time. and I know I shouldn't because he is nothing like any of my past boyfriends.. not even in the slightest.. but I still get all frustrated and then I text him and over do it.. I mean he never says anything about it but I know it annoys him well not so much annoys him as just worries him that he is worrying me.. I mean I would get annoyed if he did that to me.. but I don't know how to stop myself from freaking out.. I know usually if he doesn't text me he is at work or he has other things to do or his phone dies or he even just passes out at night.. I know that.. and I do trust him but my past still haunts me and I don't know what to do about it.. someone please help

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Thanks I really appreciate that

I used to have the same problem, and I mean sometimes I still do but I can control it more.<br />
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I am in a long distance relationship with a great guy who has never given me a reason not to trust him, and who always calls when he says he will. However, guys before him were not as great. So I used to call over and over if I couldn't reach him, or text him, or both, and panic and freak out if he didn't reply. After a while he told me how annoying it was and how if I can't stop doing that, we are gonna have some issues.<br />
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It took some time, but I learned to overcome my urges and to call once and then just wait for him to return the call, which he always does. Right now we are having some problems, or well he has some problems he has to figure out and we aren't really talking on th ephne because he needs some space to think and sort out his stuff. So we haven't spoken on the phone for about four days now, which is very rare. In the past this would have made me panic more than I can describe, but I am okay with it for right now. I know he'll call me when he can, and he's still texted some so its not all lost.<br />
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It took a while to be able to trust so much and to be okay with things like this, but I am proud to say I am. I mean i still miss talking to him right now and worry a little what if he never calls again, but I know that's not the case and I know he'll call when he can.<br />
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Just try to overcome your worries, it'll take time, but you will be able to do it, i promise!

yeah totally..I feel ya

yep, for sure. With her this weekend, so we have been talking about the reason why she hasn't really been texting me back so much during the week :/ good to get an answer on that anyway ...<br />
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if i don't get texts this week i will stop texting and just call instead! ...only thing we can do right now i think!

yeah.. I have decided to just chill out.. I mean its gonna be hard as hell but it needs to be done

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I am kind of in the same boat there. Dang, it's really annoying! Perhaps the only thing is to stop texting, and call instead... i might have to do that. It kills me the lack of contact that I am having right now with my girl... don't know what to do about that either, but I am getting myself worked up and paranoid that I don't have more and it is affecting my relationship..