A week. I held you in my arms for an entire week straight. You were always there. To kiss, to hold. Taking care of me. Someone willing to get up and help with the night shift with the kids...

Tonight as I can't sleep and lay awake with a toddler who is convinced sleeping just isn't for her, I miss you the most. I miss your quirky smile as you kiss my forehead. I miss your fingers caressing the inside of my wrist. I miss the feel of my legs dropped over yours as I try to soothe the toddler and you sit next to me just so I don't have to be up by myself.

I got so used to you being there for that week. Now we are back to being 2000 miles apart and it just hurts. It hurts knowing I'm not there helping as you pack up your things. It hurts knowing we aren't sure where we are going to settle so there's no official date set yet when we won't have to do this travel to see one another thing again. It hurts, it hurts...

I miss you so. I miss our kisses. I miss cooking together in the kitchen. I miss showers together. I miss sharing a cigarette. I miss all the silly stupid things that just mean that you were right there.

Soon. Soon. I need soon.
PrincessLG PrincessLG
31-35, F
Sep 2, 2014