I Like the Distance....for Now.

I separated from my husband of 10 years a year ago. It was mutual and amicable...we were never actually in love, and married only because I was pregnant in University. We have three children together. 3 months after he moved out, I met an incredible man online. I live in Alberta, Canada, and he lives in London, England. The only reason I started the communication was because I was going to London a few months later on a trip and thought it would be nice to know someone there. After three weeks of corresponding by email, we started to talk on the phone. We talked for hours, and spoke every day. I already knew I liked him, and when we met in October we felt things really clicked, and I planned to go back for a week in December. That's when I fell in love with him. Emotions have really increased over the last few months, and we talk twice a day. I can't wait to go see him in April. At that point we will discuss the process of him moving to Canada.


For now, because I am just recently out of a marriage and have three small children, I am very happy with the current arrangement. I get all the support and friendship I need, without the interuption in my daily life. I am obviously missing the physical connection, and that has been harder since I have fallen in love, but my everyday life keeps me busy enough for now. I am quite sure I can do this for another year or 18 months, but any longer will probably break me. It's been 8 months so far, and I would love to have him in my life sometime in the near future.

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A Very nice story. Yeah now I feel better that distance is not the issue, and we can see each other's intention and goal very clearly the way we connect each other beyound the distance. I always say to my man "it is only a day trip to see you" I am in Japan and he is in the U.S.A. Thank you so much for your story. I now feel good about what I am getting into. I will keep it going and will try my best to be a happy couple next to you. Good luck with your new life and family.

Long distance relationships bring with them their own special negotiations - sounds like you guys are coping pretty well, which is good :)<br />
I wish you all the best of luck for the future - I hope your visit to London is a dream come true :D