My whole life, I had been taught by my family, and peers that long distance relationships were impractical, and could never possibly work out. Sadly enough, I believed them, looking down upon anyone who chose to love that way. The thought never occurred to me that I would end up in one. Two months ago, if someone had told me that a boy would come and change my mind, I would have laughed in their face, possibly even snorted.

Then in came the most brilliant boy I have ever had the pleasure to meet, by the name of Alex. Before I ever got the chance to speak with him, I used to hang off of every word he wrote within his blog posts. I suppose his writing was a guilty pleasure of mine, and every sentence he typed spoke to me. Anyone with eyes could see that Alex was intelligent, and so high up in life. He was intimidating in the most delightful of ways, so I just admired from afar. Even the simple thought of speaking with him made me queasy and jittery, he seemed so unreachable. All I wanted was to just tell him how much I loved his writing, and how much his writing affected me. And one day, I did.

The first day I spoke with Alex, was average. We talked about normal subjects that people who just met each other discuss. We talked about everything from school to the future. Now, I am not going to be cliché and claim that it was love at first sight for me, because I would be lying. At the time of meeting Alex I did not particularly believe in love, and I never thought I would find myself falling into it so quickly. Alex managed to change that within days. We found ourselves becoming so close, and so personal. Everything about us from the beginning was easy, and we understood each other so effortlessly. I let him in, and he let me in as well. Although I did not notice it at first, and maybe he didn't either, I think deep down, we both knew that we were destined to be something more ever since the night we met back in June.

Alex asked me out on July 3rd, late at night. I was very ill, and in a lot of pain and discomfort. Alex stayed up telling me stories and trying to take my mind off of my sickness. I remember coming out of the bathroom after getting sick, and almost fainting, getting all curled up on the couch. I had my big blanket on, and headphones in my ears, listening to the soothing voice of my best friend. I had closed my eyes, taking in every word coming out of his mouth. He was telling me a story, and slipped in the question into the story. I didn't comprehend what he was saying at first, but then it hit me. He knew I had wanted him to ask me for a bit at that point, and in that moment it was as if all the pain and sickness left my body, and was replaced with pure bliss.

As of tomorrow, Alex and I will have been dating for two months. It does not seem like a long time to all of you judgmental people out there, but it is enough for me to realize that I am undeniably in love with this extraordinary man. Love is not measured based on the amount of time you have been together, but by the loyalty and care you have for each other. Alex and I, being far away, still manage to have a great time with each other. We do our homework with each other at night on Skype. We take breaks and giggle and talk. Him being much smarter than I, helps me finish my work and keeps me from getting frustrated. Sometimes I catch him sneaking peaks at me while I'm writing, and sometimes I sneak some peaks at him, admiring his thoughtful face. We also game together, and since he is a boy and is obviously better, he helps me to get further in the game. We have a lot of fun with that. The great thing about distance is that we never run out of stuff to talk about. We talk for hours about everything, crying, laughing, just enjoying each other. Even when we argue, we always end it with love. I never have to wake up alone, because there is always something sweet waiting for me.

Yes, being so far away is hard, I go to school and events every day and see couples cuddling and doing romantic stuff, and I do get sad. There is always that need to be with him physically, and be wrapped in his arms, but he is always there to reassure me that things will all work out. As of right now, Alex and I plan to meet each other on Thanksgiving, and I am more than thrilled to run into his arms. I know all of this waiting will pay off when I see his face.

Alex is the light of my life, and I have never once had regrets with him. There is never a dull moment, and I love every aspect of him, as he does I. He makes me a better version of me, and helps me to view life in new ways.

I love my long distance relationship. I love Alex.
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Its a nice story, you are good writing. Don't think of yourself as less this or that than your bf. I would suggest for you to get a job as soon as you can. The LDRs are based on traveling to see each other, and it gets very frustrating when you have to cancel because of money; I don't recommend being apart more than a year, specially being as young as you are. Good luck :)

I have a Job :) and thank you!

Well look at her! then you have an advantage :)