I Am Married But I Love Someone Else..

i am married women 30 yr of age i am having very good husband he loves me also but we don't involve in physical relation too much after my baby, before we used to do regular, i tel him a lot many times know i stop saying him, i am not satisfied with my husband, before my marriage i have an affair with the guy i love him so much we had 3 years relationship but due to some reason we had broke up, he is also married right know with 1 daughter but after 5 yrs of marriage i heard that he had a blood cancer, he is very sick most of the time he is in the hospital, when i heard abt this i call him immediately and he is very happy to talk to me,and said were have u been i really love why u go from my life why u don't cal me before, if u u would have cal me, maybe today we are together, to hear this  from him i am very happy, now we talk so much share our life with each other, we are become too much closed with each other i am falling in love again with him, he is in some another country, we do regular chatting with each other and do oral sex also a lot many time, now just wait to meet him, we share many things, he regret this why he don't tel me before our marriage that he loves me, so may be were together but now he said me that he love me too much we both r waiting to meet each other,, i cant leave him right know and i don't know how much time he has left bcoz of his cancer ... pls advice what to do bcoz i know thats not fair with my husband but now the situation  is out of my control the guy whom i loved him so much now he tel me that he loves me,now i cant leave him,,

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i am nt taking divorce with my husband but i continue my relation with my boyfriend bcoz i think now i am going to love him he is far we meet maybe once a year so in that why no one knows abt this

Why don't you try to work out things with your husband first, before you get rid of him and see this other man. He might start satisfying you more if you try! Think of the children also! Divorce is a terrible thing for them! This is just my thoughts!

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