Across the Ocean

I had joked to my friends at school and to my family that I was going to "meet my future husband" on my 2 week trip to the UK for university orchestra performances. On my 3rd day in London, I walked into the hotel pub to watch the FA Cup final and there he was. I didn't pay much attention to him at first, but I thought he was just absolutely adorable. He was there with a friend, and the three of us started talking. By the time the game went into overtime or whatever (I'm not a soccer fan, I just told my Irish friend I'd watch the game) we had decided to go down to a pub up the road. My boy (I'll call him Jacob here) went to get me a pint and I struck up a conversation with a huge table of English boys who were watching the game also. Jacob came back over and we all chatted a bit. Then Jacob, his friend, and I all sat outside and continued to drink (and drink and drink and drink...) We all decided to go out to an Italian restaurant for dinner, and I think that is where I really fell hard for Jacob. I don't remember much about it. The wine, the beer, the extreme happiness I was experiencing... all of them combined kind of made the night a blur for me. They were staying in the same hotel as me, so we went back and I decided it was time for me to go to bed. After all, I was leaving for Edinburgh the next morning. Jacob and friend decided to go to a club for the night... he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss and stepped into the elevator. I was panic stricken. What if I never saw him again? I ran down the stairs, too impatient to wait for the lift, and called to him from across the lobby. He turned around, beaming, and ran back to me. I asked him to knock on my door when he came back so that I could say goodbye in the morning... he agreed, and I went to bed. He told me later that that was the moment he knew he had fallen hard for me. Well, I must have slept pretty hard, because the poor boy knocked on my door for a good 20 minutes, then sat outside my room with a newspaper and tried again about an hour later. I woke up in the morning and went to say goodbye. We exchange myspace information, and by the time I got to Edinburgh, I had an e-mail waiting for me. He said he had been sad all day after I left, and that he wished he could see me again before I went home to the States. I was in Oxford about a week later, and he took the train up to see me and take me out for dinner. We ended up doing a mini pub crawl, buying a bottle of wine and some kindereggs and watching BBC in his hotel room until about midnight, when I had to go back to my hotel to get ready to leave for Dublin in the morning. As I was about to step into my taxi, Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. It was raining SO hard, and he kissed me. I can remember every single detail about that kiss, and both of us knew then and there that we had to try to make this work. I was home by June 1st, and he came to see me in the States in Mid July. It was the single most amazing week of my life; we spent every second together, and I've never been so in love. The only problem is, I'm in school for another two years, and we can't visit nearly as much as we want to. He'll be here in December for me, but we bicker constantly on the phone over the most ridiculous things. I love him more than anything, and I know he's crazy in love with me as well; we talk multiple times a day. We tried "not talking," once and it lasted about 12 hours. The time difference is 6 hours. He goes to bed when I'm eating dinner and wakes up when I'm going to bed... so I get a phonecall every night around 1 AM when he's getting on the tube to go to work, and then I call him at work when I wake up. I live alone, and it gets horrendously lonely. Most of the fights we have stem from one or both of us just feeling awful because we can't be around each other. Never in my life have I NEEDED to have physical contact with a person before; the thought of having his face close to mine, of touching him, of being able to look into those brown eyes... it literally brings me to tears. Every dream I have is about him. I wake up every day thinking, "I'm one day closer to him." All I want in the world is to be with him and make him happy... Long distance is difficult, but we don't want anyone else.
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I'd like to hear an update on this

get out now, or you could be in for the most painful thing of your life.

I hope it worked out for you! sounds like a movie where the couple falls out but finds eachother again!

Wow, that almost sounds fairytale-esque :) I wish you luck for all of us hopeless romantics!!