I Was In a Very Silly Long Distance Relationship!

Last year, I was involved in a very silly long distance relationship. Now normally, "silly" is the last word you would (and should) use to describe a long distance relationship. This is because such a relationship usually shows the devotion of two people to each other and their dedication to make things work over a long distance. However my relationship was founded mostly on dreams and involved constantly ignoring reality! On my travels I met a guy - and at the time, I believing in love at first sight, mistakenly thought I was in love with him. After six weeks, he proposed, and I was elated and said yes (my family were so far from happy about the whole thing!). One problem (and there were many!) was that he lived in Africa and was not granted a visa to the UK, so I had to wait until the next summer to go and see him. Not an issue, I thought - because, obviously love conquers all! I stayed engaged to him for a year. Perhaps he should have known better - I was 19 and he was in his thirties! This too, was an issue for my poor family, who were also not keen on the fact that we were of different religions. I saw him last summer. He wasn't the same as the way he had been in my head (personality-wise, rather than looks-wise) and suddenly I realised I WASN'T in love with him, and he, probably wasn't in love with me! So I ended it... I think I was in love with the idea of having this great romance with some handsome, exotic stranger. Even though I only broke up with him last summer, I think I have changed (and hopefully matured!) a lot since I first met him. I am still an impulsive person, but would never just jump into getting engaged like that again! I now prefer to actually get to know people first! My mother, for one, is most relieved about this. :)
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Well, that's those are the consequences of Empire, aren't they? :)

Hehehe a silly relationship indeed. This was a fun story. I really enjoyed it :)

I was in Florida and he in Canada and we became friends. We operated a music exchange group and quickly became great friends. Before long we both felt this attraction was more than a friendship. And love blossomed. I was afraid I was merely fascinated and stayed in denial. He didn't push for us to meet till I offered the first option.
This first meet went beyond our expectations and we have been married now 8 years.
But last September he had a stroke and is in an Assisted Living Facility. But that's life isn't it? I found great love and now he's so mentally gone now I may never get him back.

AND I have reunited with an old flame from my teens who helps me put one foot in front of the other. He keeps me sane. But Bill will NOT meet with me till I am free. I must accept this. For I have no other option and can not release what Bill has wakened in me.

Awww Carla. Such a beautiful love story. Amazing. :-) All the best!!!! ^^

Incredible story. I do wish you many good things to happen ^_^

Good for you we all live learn and grow

I think a large number of people are in love with the idea of being in love over the person they are with! They put the traits they desire the person to have, especially in long distance relationships, on their mate then realize much later the person they thought they loved was in their head and not the true person in front of them!

This was cute and immature, but he was in his thirties?!?! I mean what was HE thinking? Good luck in the future :-)

silliness is the nicest way to grow up. congratulations on having a head that eventually comes around, and a family who is supportive and hopeful!

Good job for realizing you were in love with someone that didn't exist! Its an easy thing to do, even if you live in the same town.<br />
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You've got a good head on your shoulders, so your impulsiveness will become more spontaneity than "silliness" as you grow older.

im new to this long distance relationship thing, my man's cubano... and i know people say the worse things about this BUT.... i can feel it in my heart this is for real, for me anyways.... i met him in april.. went back in july... and going again in 5 days!!!! if you are interested in my story its in the heading real or fake love.... i would like some feedback on that story since im kinda of confused.....

I am in a long distance realtionship for 5 years he was in Morrocoo when we met we met in a pen pals website and well it came naturally. We havent met in person yet and he proposed to me and were getting married next August 5th and well my parents and his parents know about each other we tlak on the phone every day see eachother on webcam and pictures and chat online now he moved to USA with a student Visa which hs moving close to me to California. hes now in Indiana with his cousin and were both Muslims i am Hispanic and hes Arabic. My parents know about him now since we are doing the marriage old tradtion. The Arabic way. I know its hard to not have the person in front of you i am going through that and when Hes sad or has trouble with friends i wish i was there to confort him and hug him. But i know ittake s alot of patince and time. <br />
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Some people cant handle long distance realtionship because there so used to meetin in person. But one great benefit to havinga long distance relationship is that Love doesnt have any distance and well that a couple matures more when he or she lives out of your state than somone who you mett in person everyday.<br />
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me and my Fiance were thr same age, same interestes and he fought for my love. e and him were Virgins and Innocent and well were both know that we can trust each other and tell everythng that happens in our lives cause we had matured alot and thats why were ready to get married<br />
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what you think?<br />
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Peace and Love<br />
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Be carefully cultural differences are big between arabics (muslims in this case) and hispanics. You should be 100% sure to marry.

at least you learned something.. and you can use this experience for your future decisions.<br />
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good luck