Long Distance

Ok so i have a boyfriend. Met him over a computer game. I love him and he loves me so much. And he always promises that he will come out here and see me. And then when he doesnt it just breaks me into peices. But i need to meet him. I can see him being in my life forever. You make say im stupid because hes also my first and i dont know anything about love.. but we dont love with our heads we love with our hearts and i know. But sometimes i wonder how long can my heart wait.. how much can it take?
ScaredAndConfused ScaredAndConfused
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 26, 2007

well dont truest people in games so easily :O) ithats how iw as taped 3yrs ago<br />
someone i played a game with he raped me when i was 18 and now well i dont reust as much people<br />
well when hes making exsuses like that dont belive him wel i met my fiance in a pen pals wesbite he was in morrocoo i am in cali and he told me he was going to tUSA and he did hes now in Indiana and hes moving to cali this fall <br />
<br />
any queations?<br />
<br />
Love and peace fatima