Long Distant Relationship

My fiancee and I are in two different states right now, its hard but we are doing really well. He is in missuri and I am in Washington. But the wait is not going to be to much longer and we will be together finally. Im so happy about that to. Its killing me not to beable to lay next to him at night and wake up in his arms. I hate that we cant touch eachother right now... and im not talking about just sexually. I miss being able to see his face in person.... So when we finally get to be together I will be the happiest woman ever ^_^

BreAnnaHammons BreAnnaHammons
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2009

My partner and I started off in a long distance relationship, it was a killer at first, I missed him so much. I'd be gutted when it was time to leave, and I'd be devastated on the journey home. It did keep things fresh though and we really appreciated the time we did get to spend together! I met him before email was popular, so I used to write him letters all the time. I've still got them now - and when he's getting on my nerves with his man habits I get them out to remind myself how great he was before we lived together!! No, only kidding - but hang in there, it can last forever if you love someone.

I don't know if we'll ever end up together until the end of time :(<br />
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I wish you best of luck and happiness, all the way!