India To Taiwan

 Dear friends of long distance relationships,

There's a wish and prayer in my heart that you will soon be together with your far away loved one 

No matter how we met our loved ones, how far in distance they are from us right now,

true love will stand this test of time.

  My story is this...

I am in Taiwan 

He is in India

We lived for 3 months in India together in a yoga ashram

we lived for 2 months in Taiwan together

He wants to come to Taiwan to live with me

We have a great opportunity to teach yoga together, here in Taiwan

But there's 2 things in the way:


and his girlfriend

She is 10 years younger than him, just turned 18

They are from different castes, and her family won't allow their marriage

But he is not ready to let her go

She won't let him go either 


I know we are spiritual partners and fulfill each other in more ways than one.

He is my teacher in life and spiritual knowledge, and has put me through many trials of love and trust with this relationship with him

I thank him and owe much to him

We have a mission together to share with people how to be happy through the wisdom of yoga

I hold no grudge, I wait, patiently

I know my intentions are pure and right, but I have learned not to force it on anyone

I just pray that our love triangle can resolve itself in the best way for all 3 of us


Let us support each other in love, and know that any decision that comes from the heart is true and right

and everything will happen in due time, at the right moment, for the good of everyone.


With love and light,

from my heart to yours


Chikoobaobay Chikoobaobay
26-30, F
Feb 7, 2010