My Bro Is Meddling


  I'm about a year and a half into an awesome relationship. I say it's awesome because eventhough it's a long-distance relationship,  my girlfriend and I have grown so close over this time that it feels like we've been together for 3 or more years and we literally share every bit of each day with one another. We see each other as often as we can and each time it keeps the feelings fresh and amazing. I love her so much and I know she feels the same.

The problem comes from my brother who had a bad relationship with my gf's bestfriend and for some strange reason he believes that we hate him because of the **** he did to her bestfriend. This has been a bit of an underlying problem since she understandly doesn't like him especially for what he did to her friend. I love my brother but it's hard to defend him when she knows the truth. I understand that she had to console her bestfriend alot through the hardtimes.That said, she only has good wishes for him but doesn't think she could be friends with him except on the surface since she doesn't think he's a good person at all. 


Recently though my brother has been acting up with all sorts of talk about how we hate him and I'm treating him differently. He's acting as if I don't know about the value of family or care about my family. I've asked him repeatedly where all of that came from and he told me he just wanted to get it off of his chest. I have no damn idea what triggered him to be like that.


I told my gf about it and she's all sorts of upset because she finds it meddling and an upsetting family situation to come into. She wants to move here to live with me and while her family is very closeknit, she's always been afraid that my family won't give her the same support. With this, it only makes her feel worse about coming.


She decided the best way to deal with it is to tell my brother off for the **** he's doing. She was nicer than I expected but she really let him know what she thinks of him. Now he's super vex and telling me he now has proof that we're hating on him.


This stupidness has ****** up how things were going. I wonder if it's my fault for telling her about his assumptions and accusations. She's cancelled her flight to come here so I won't even be seeing her for valentines which is super ******. I understand how she feels though. I think my brother is concerned and upset because he figures that his ex may be influencing my gf and trying to influence me. But that'd be total **** because I always called him out when he was being an ***.


It's so upsetting that I may be losing such an awesome relationship because of my brother. I thought he'd be happy to see me happy.

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Wow, that's gotta be tough! I found this story because my bf and I have a good relationship and he has decided to move out of state due to business and we've agreed not to breakup during this time apart. Then out of the blue I received this email from his sister that he broke up with me and she just found out. She made it sound like she couldn't wait to say goodbye to me and it really hurt me. Especially when my bf didn't breakup with me at all in the next several days. I'm not sure what to think. We always got along from the beginning we met each other so I'm not sure if the email just sounded mean or she really is glad we broke up. At this point I just want to protect myself from her words and feel like she is meddling and afraid of her words and his reaction to all this. He is leaving in a week and I'm scared his family is trying to break us up and I'm not sure why?<br />
I'm sorry for your challenges as I can relate to feeling clueless to family trying to destroy something that makes you so happy. Good luck, my advice is to make sure your girlfriend feels that you are protecting her and make her feel loved and appreciated and she will want to be with you.