Cupid And Psyche

This is a Greek myth that I've always loved, and would like to share with all of LDR friends.

It's like beauty and the beast

Psyche (Soul) was beautiful, Cupid was in love with her, so miraculously, no men had the desire to make her their bride.

Once, to appease the gods, Psyche volunteered to be the human sacrifice.

But, instead of being sacrificed, the winds came and carried her away to a magnificent castle in the sky.

She was married to a wonderful, gentle being, but she never saw his form, because he only came at night.

It is Cupid

They live happily, but somehow Psyche's sisters came to visit them, and stirred up Psyche's doubts about her husband, and convinced her that he is a monster, and to kill him.

So that night, Psyche brought a lamp to see his true form.

No monster, only a gorgeous young man sleeping in bed.

Being so drawn to his face, Psyche accidentally dripped some hot candle wax on the Lord of Love, 

he was burnt, but more so hurt by her mis-trust, spread his wings and flew to his mother, Venus' abode.


Thus begins Psyche's search for Love. She scours the earth, and was guided to Venus.

But Venus was jealous of her good looks, this mere mortal, and gave her arduos tasks to complete in order to redeem herself.

Everytime, a magical helper comes to complete the task in due time.

Thus Psyche (Soul) is reunited with Cupid (Love)


I always loved this story, and now, my long distance relationship with my Indian love, I  feel this story in every cell of my body.

What I am learning is to trust...him...universe....and time

to preservere and not give up.


Sending everyone lots of strength, and praying for those magical helpers to come when we need them the most.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

Chikoobaobay Chikoobaobay
26-30, F
Feb 8, 2010