The Beginning Of An Ongoing Story..

I went to a far off place last year. A work holiday on the opposite side of the earth. Why? I needed a change of scenery, I needed to clear my head for a year.

I landed a job as a server in the city I decided to stay in. I was so happy!

When I started work, I heard the rumors about him. That he had a terrible demeanor, was angry and cranky all the time. That he was just someone you had to steer clear of or at least stay on his good side. When I did meet him, he didn't seem as bad as what I had heard. But overall, I didn't really care. Because of how my job was scheduled, I didn't really see him too much. So I had no opinion of him. I just did my job and went on my way.

One time, after a few months on job, I was working the night he was. He was overseeing the staff.  At the end of the night, we were cleaning up. The others were elsewhere, putting things away. To pass the silence, he asked about my accent. "Why do you have an American accent?" I laughed. I thought everyone there knew. Guess I was wrong. "Because I'm American", I replied.

After that exchange, it seemed like I was working more and more on days/nights that he was working too. We didn't speak much to each other. He had his work, I had mine.  But we always seemed to say hello.

I knew little about him. I started to keep an ear open, eavesdropping on conversations about him and conversations he had with people. I tried to learn about him as much as I could without asking him directly.

He likes movies. He likes macabre things. He likes to work nights. He has funny kids. He was an alcoholic. He was a drug addict. He has a long commute to work. He's older than me. His ex is apparently evil.

I caught myself staring at him. I didn't know why. He would walk past, on a mission, and I would look. More than once, he turned and returned the gaze.

Was I starting to like him? Why on earth would I like someone like him? He is completely the opposite of me, he is someone with a history, he is someone with a complicated life. Whereas I am someone with a sheltered existence, with no life experience at all.

My work holiday ended. We exchanged emails to "keep in touch". It was kind of a strange moment. Of all the people I had worked with and worked for, he was the only one who hugged me on my last day.

I went back home after my travels. My head was far from clear, but I needed to get on with my life.

It had been three months since I left his country. We emailed each other weekly. It was a.. "Hi how was your week? Today I did this and that.." type of thing. Once, I replied to an email of his with some random statement. He replied back, suggesting I was crazy. I'm not sure exactly how or why it happened, but I said to him that yeah, I was crazy. I was crazy for him.

Since that email, five months had passed. And here we are, trying to keep each other sane.

Am I a fool, to involve myself with someone like him? Especially since he is so far far away? It's.. It's actually my first relationship with someone. Boy, I sure know how to pick 'em. But.. The more I learn about him, the more I am in love with him.

I have concerns though.. And it scares me to death when I think about them...

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

You are a wonderful writer...I was so engaged in your story!! Well I've realized, sometimes love finds you. It's exciting I hope! Good luck :)