1500 Miles Away...

That's 22-24 hours driving, depending on what how fast you go.

I met him on a fitness site about a year ago, and haven't been the same since. It's been the hardest, most complicated 11 months of my life, but I wouldn't trade any of it. The sex is amazing when we see each other and I have never had anyone know my body as well as him. He asked me to marry him this past December and I'm getting the ring this summer when I move out to be with him.

If you want more details of how we did/are doing it, then just message me. :)

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

NO KIDS. We are going to do our best to NOT to have those things until we are ready... If my body takes after my mother, I will have a few terrible disappointments and take about 10 years to have a kid. and be 30. DONT YOU PUT THAT CURSE ON ME... I do NOT want kids now.

One extreme to another in time spand for relationship. Probably in five years you will have lots of kids. It sounds like your haviing fun and sex now, enjoy.

I'm not getting married for YEARS... like 5 at least.We want to get situated with our own lives before we tied the knot and combine them... We've talked about this a lot and thought about it. And it hasn't all been sex and laughter. I couldn't move to be with someone if I hadn't seen their bad side too, you know? To know what I'm getting myself into...

Please wait a year, after you move. Sex and laughter can be great, but reality of duty to work, responsibilities, etc may be lacking.