The Most Unlikely Of Loves.

I had joined www, in efforts to pass time. Originally it was a tool used to make fun of people in chat rooms. On going into the first 1, I meet a mysterious girl. Her name so exotic, and her pictures so inviting. I find out she lives in Canada. Amazing, I think to myself. We both flirt, and it's fun, but both of us think little of it. Through a long conversation in a chat room, we exchange MSN addresses. We began to talk and well found that we had similar views. We would spend time talking for hours on end, about anything and everything. We made fun of people in the chat room and would be the most hardest on people who were doing the Internet relationship.

4 months passed from meeting my mystery girl and in that time, we got to know each other so well. She knew of all my fractured relationships, the girls i cheated on. She had made her mind up "This boys a player". She didn't care, because I was one of her best friends, and best listeners. I guess its the charisma I have, and my Ego. She'd call me her Cocky Costa. We exchanged mobile numbers randomly for fun. I had every friend made from that chat room telling me "she really likes you, and you like her don't you! Don't deny it, it's so obvious" and I'd always deny it. Well it was only after my Internet got cut for a week that realized how special this girl was to me. The time spent alone, was spent thinking of her, and wondering what she's doing, and who's she's with. The timing was amazing as I came back to find her just out of a bad relationship. She rang me, because she needed someone to talk to.

It was at this time I told her. We've had bumps in the road, but we're still together. It's like nothing I've ever felt. For once in my life, I've liked a girl for more than her appearance. I love this girl for everything about her.

OtherSideOfTheGlobe OtherSideOfTheGlobe
18-21, M
Feb 14, 2010