A Soldier His Girlfriend And His Deployment

My name is David (I've never been in a group like this before) and i am dating a beautiful girl named Katie i love her so much i met her on leave not long before valentines day i know she is the one because i have never loved anyone like her before. I am about to go to Germany because i am in the Army and then i get deployed in July. I have 2 more years left before i get out to go to school. I am 100% committed to this but she has some doubts about it but she still says she loves me more than anything. I don't thing she will give up i just think she needs someone to talk to. She is worried that something is going to happen to me during deployment but i will always promise her i wont get hurt. I want her for forever.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

hey im yaritza and my bf will be leaving for bootcamp for the navy and i agree with elizabeht this story is really cute. and if you guys really do love each other i think it will all work out