Taking The Dive

I've been in an LDR for about 5 years now. He lives in Cali as an aspiring actor. I live in Florida anchored by my ex-spouse and backwards family law ( I share an 8 year old child with him). I moved to Cali last year with the understanding from my ex- that once I settled in and found a good school, our son would be sent my way during the school year but "conveniently" my ex- changed his mind and I was forced to move back or else deal with losing joint custody of my son.  I love my fiance, I HATE that he won't move for me like I did for him. I love that when we did live together, it was bliss and harmony, I HATE that living on my own requires a certain degree of callousness to get by.  We're due to get married this June and he proposes that he will come live with me in 5 years or less and then we can return together when my son is 18. I do like and appreciate this plan. I'm just afraid of the time between now and when he moves back here. I wonder if my love for him is enough or if I'll grow so bitter and tough-skinned that all the love between us will just fade away.

kepani816 kepani816
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2010