Hey Everyone! =)

I just wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit of my story!

I'm Elizabeth, i am turning 18 this year and my boyfriends name is mark and he is almost 19. My boyfriend is also a U.S. Marine so that is why i'm in a long distance relationship! Right now hes on the complete opposite side of the country from me about 3000 miles away. He is allowed to have his phone on weekends (friday night to sunday night) and thats the time we get to call or text.

We started dating july 2009. He then in october of that year went to boot camp and we could only communicate by occasional letters. After boot camp he had a 10 days leave so i got to see him about 4 of those days because he had a family cruise for 6ish. He is now doing more training and its just a waiting game to find out when i can see him next.

I wanted to try and encourage all of you in these long distance relationships!

*Distance can make you or break you! Its not always a bad situation to be in because it can really show you how strong of a couple you are!

*You learn patience and trust which are KEY in any relationship!

*You learn to miss so every text, call, email, or actual time you get to see them you learn to not take things for granate and every one of those things gets even sweeter every time they happen!

Well what im saying is dont give up hope! Its hard to be apart but you have to realize the moments you get together are worth it all. I hope one day soon all of you will get to be permanently with your lover. =)

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

your relationship was just new...been in the same position for 12 years...after awhile you get tired...But I'm happy for you, not all situations are the same...Maybe you really got a good man there...Just keep on holding on...