My Ldr With The Love Of My Life.

it all started when i was 13 years old, i met this boy who went to the same school as me in the 7th grade. his name was tyler. we hit it off right away and even though he was "dating" my best friend, i didn't care because we had an undeniable connection. eventually they broke up and we were just really good friends.  he infatuated me whenever i was with him and he always made me laugh. it was during the summer our relationship started to blossom and we became more than friends. i remember the first time i though we were going to kiss. we were taking pictures under this gazebo and we were very close. i knew he wanted to kiss me and i wanted to kiss him. we hung out everyday for the next about two months. but here is the catch, i was moving on august 4th, 2006. whenever i would bring it up he would tell me not to talk about it because it made him too sad to think about. eventually one night we snuck out in the middle of the night to meet in a park, i think we both knew we were going to kiss and i was really excited to see him. i loved the smell of his cologne and i still remember the smell even now. on this night we sat on a hill and talked, then we moved to a bench in a nearby park to our houses. (we only lived about 1 mile and 1/2 away) at this time, i sat on his lap and he kissed me, then we finally made out. this was the moment i've been waiting for and i knew he was someone special after this night. after that, i was completely attached to him till the day i moved. i saw him everyday and we acted like we knew each other forever. we were best friends, and we "liked" each other. weeks went by, and it soon became the night before i moved to north carolina. the part about moving that saddened me the most is that i wouldn't see tyler everyday. but for some reason i knew we could remain close. the night before i moved we snuck out. we got hot and heavy (for 13 yr olds) and this is the night i realized i really did love him. we kissed and held hands and joked about me becoming a southern redneck but deep down i know we both were hurting. i will never forget the hug he gave me before i was gone for good. it was 330 in the morning and we held each other and i said " i dont wanna let go ever." he said something like.." you don't have to." at the time we may have been talking about just the hug, but in hind sight i know that it now symbolizes our relationship. on the way home we both cried as we snuck back into our houses. the next day, i moved to north carolina and absolutly hated it there. tyler and me talked a few nights later about our future. we said that we did love each other and that we would wait for 4 1/2 years to be together again. if any 13 year old said that now and i heard about it, i would think they were crazy  but i was so sincere and committed to tyler i knew it would work. it has now been 3 years and 7 months, were 17, and we are still very much in love. next year i will be going to college very close to him and we will FINALLY be together again. i know we will be so happy it seems unreal.  we fight all the time and have trust issues but what it all boils down to is he is my everything and i'd die without him. it hasn't been all cheery the whole time and sometimes i am so sure that we are at a breaking point. but then i try to imagine my life without tyler. i love him and will always love him.

bellacottier bellacottier
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010